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Use Cases

Welcome to our Use Cases page! Discover the different ways our Breach and Attack Simulation (BAS) tool, Nemesis, can support your organization’s security needs.

Compliance to regulations such as DORA using real world scenario-based testing and validating your current security controls. Nemesis BAS provides executive-level automated reporting to ease your compliance journey.


Not sure if your organization is ready for a full scale Red Teaming?  Test your maturity with Nemesis BAS baseline security scenarios.


Prepare for and mitigate ransomware threats by simulating attacks similar to those targeting your industry. Evaluate your organization’s ability to detect and respond to the most recent sophisticated threats.


Optimize your security controls by continuously validating and improving detection and response capabilities with Nemesis BAS.


Unique security requirements? Unique environment?  Contact us to discuss your custom Nemesis BAS application.

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