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Breach and Attack Simulation

Simulate. Automate. Validate.




Simulate real-world cyber threats in a controlled environment

Test existing defenses (EDR, XDR, MDR, SIEM, firewalls,...) in an automated way

Identify gaps in your security posture

Fine-tune your defense mechanisms pro-actively

Repeat and track progressions by comparing different simulations

Modern threat actors utilise different forms of Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTPs), often depending on the nature of the attacker which can range from hacktivists to state sponsored groups.


Adversary simulation exercises allow organisations to evaluate their Blue Team’s detection and response capabilities, by simulating any type of modern threat actor through carefully designed scenarios.

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Nemesis Explained

Our virtual sparring partner for your cyber defenses



Atomics are the fundamental building blocks of our platform. Derived from the MITRE ATT&CK framework, the atomics cover the range of techniques adversaries may employ during a breach attempt. Nemesis covers a wide range of techniques allowing you to comprehensively assess your security posture by simulating various attack vectors. 



Scenarios are a combination of different atomics and serve as blueprints for simulated cyberattacks. Nemesis provides pre-defined scenarios, including common attack tactics used by well-known hacker collectives, but also allows you to create your own scenario.



The assessment can be seen as the final step in the process and entails the dynamic execution of your selected scenarios on a chosen agent within your environment. By running assessments, you gain actionable insights into your security posture, helping you proactively identify and address weaknesses before malicious actors can exploit them.

Fortifying defenses, securing futures  

Nemesis provides measurable results that translate into a prevention rate. Running your customized scenarios repeatedly allows you to track improvements and changes in your security defenses, and increase the prevention over time. 

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"We are committed to continuous improvement,
with Nemesis, your organization will be too."
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Why Nemesis?

Nemesis offers a unique approach to Breach and Attack Simulation, delivering a cutting-edge solution with an independent design and based on a scalable state of the art architecture. 

While competitors focus primarily on automated simulation scenarios, the Nemesis platform differentiates itself with its ability to provide customizable and evolving real-world attack scenarios that better emulate the adaptive nature of actual cyber adversaries. 

Integrated Frameworks

Digital Operational Resilience ACT

The DORA framework is a comprehensive standard for assessing and enhancing digital operational resilience, focusing on the ability of organizations to withstand and recover from disruptive cyber incidents.


Our platform integrates the MITRE ATT&CK open-source framework which stands as a globally recognized and authoritative resource in the field of cybersecurity. This integration allows you to harness the full power of ATT&CK's extensive knowledge base of adversary tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs).

Your Custom

For those seeking a tailored approach to security, our platform offers the flexibility to integrate Nemesis into your existing security framework. That way your security assessments align with your specific security objectives and operational environment.

ART Services


Red teamings are goal oriented and follow a dynamic attack path based on the organization’s profile. Our team combines public and private state-of-the-art tooling and techniques to maximise the effectiveness.

Red Team engagements are carried out without the Blue Team being aware, to make the conditions of the attack as realistic as possible.

If the red team’s activity is detected, the Blue Team should respond by following the organisation’s internal processes.


Unlike traditional pentesting where components are tested independently for security vulnerabilities, often out of context, Red Teaming offers an opportunity to provide answers to real security concerns.

For a Red Team assessment, PSI works together with the project stakeholders to set the objectives that are suitable for your enterprise, and starts planning its attack scenarios.


Once the scenarios are approved, the red team will commence the exercise following the below kill-chain, tailored to the specific scenarios.


The report will include: 
Executive summary describing your business risk

Attack narrative demonstrating step-by-step how objectives were achieved

Details of your technical deficiencies and means of addressing themTimeline of activities to correlate with your Blue Team’s event log

A post-assessment briefing will take place with an opportunity to have an open discussion between the Red Team and your Blue Team.

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  • Open Source Intelligence

  • Attack surface mapping

  • Service enumeration

  • Network and App vulnerability scanning


  • Vulnerability exploitation

  • Spear phishing

  • Vishing

  • Social engineering 

  • Physical breach 

  • Assume breach or malicious insider scenario

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